Converts cheap outdoor antenna wireless USB adapter with extension home

In previous articles we have explained as reduce the cost of wifi connections in Cuba using directional antennas and coaxial cable bicuad.

On this occasion les show how to convert cheap USB wifi adapters in powerful external antennas conectándolas to the PC via one USB extension Heche home with cable network (Ethernet) that, as we know, It is much cheaper than the coaxial (5 pesos national currency meter).

The first thing we have is the original USB extension to use their male and female ends. We could also use the USB ports females of any electronic equipment (Motherboard vieja, e.g.) This unusable for any reason. The male port it will be possible extension of the original or any USB device that has broken hand.

Once we have the female and male USB ports only have to weld in the same order the pair Ethernet cable as shown in Figure.

extension usb hembra

Female Usb Ethernet cable soldered

extension usb macho

Usb macho con soldaduras al cable Ethernet

The USB ports use power pins at each end (right and left) and two data pins in the center. No matter the order of the colors of the cable network. What matters is having the same order as the female in the male as shown below.
In this way we can create a USB extension we can connect the USB wireless adapters cheap pc.

The USB specifications allow extensions up 5 meters in theory but in practice we tested extensions 6 meters smoothly. The pair Ethernet cables come from factory intertwined and this allows it to reach greater distances electromagnetic interference (EMI) is reduced.

Once we have the list extension we can connect via USB wifi adapter for pc. I can draw a window to the outside for better reception greatly. These adapters are not built for outdoor, so we must protect them through soda bottles or metal cans. Metal cans have the advantage of concentrating the signal in one direction.

adaptador usb wifi


This option is much cheaper than extensions antenna with coaxial cable and it does not bring the power lost wifi signal cable distance. Another advantage is that it gives us is easy to hide in the eyes of government informants neighbors.

13 thoughts on “Converts cheap outdoor antenna wireless USB adapter with extension home

    • falcocom on

      Theoretically they are up 5 meters but in practice with twisted Ethernet cables can reach greater distances. There are professionals with amp USB extensions but they are expensive for the average Cuban. The author of the article made extender 6 meters that will work perfectly.

  1. Amaury on

    hola falcocom, here again for the inquisitive lol, I would appreciate if you will inform me about what is the best via (if it can be) use standard router (comcast, at&t, etc) wifi connections for dial-up Internet in Cuba.

    Any experience with it, soliciones?? Thank highly,

    • falcocom on

      Los modem / routers connect Comcast cable coaxial, At the of&t son ADSL. Neither is for dial-up. You can try OpenWrt install them and use them as access points in your network but not connect to dial-up.

  2. I wonder if the nanostation 2 I can connect multiple pc or network play ps3 remote in Cuba.???

  3. Omar Bautista on

    Here the 'kid of the question’ s as the extender but 6 meters usb cable without losing the signal, I need a usb extender 12 meters.

  4. Luis Perez on

    Fantastic, you comment from Peru. Shackles are not forever. Se oxidan. Could use more extension cable makes it the most outside diameter parabolic?

    • falcocom on

      If the satellite's diameter outside the initial signal come harder and increase the distance a little but not much. You can try using the USB Ethernet extenders comment below.

  5. Rodrigo on

    Hello, I'm about to build one because I really need it. I wonder if you really have no signal loss, because I have a usb extension 2 meters which is supposed “shielded”, but in those two meters loses all signal.
    And from, thank you very much from Argentina.

  6. cesar garcia on

    with this you can convert wifi to Ethernet
    I want to connect my blue ray with ethernet etntrada

  7. gustavo on

    you connect wifi adapter for USB cable to PC and did not recognize him.. which can be

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    pero al conectarlos no me da señal wifi y es de solo dos metros de cable cat 5 , necesito de su apoyo ya que al parecer no lo reconoce porque no aparece ni en mi pc.
    y me urge tener wifi ayúdenme espero sus respuesta gracias

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