Update mesh application for free calls and messages for Wi-Fi.

Mesh (mesh). Each node (eg mobile) connects with others through their neighbors without requiring a central distributor.

Application Serval Mesh mesh network for Android phones has just been updated with a new interface and options for sending messages and files between mobile free way. Mesh technology (mesh network) no need of service providers (e.g. ETECSA, AT&T, Verizon etc.). Basically every phone becomes a small service provider to its nearest neighbors.


In this way we can make unlimited free calls and send messages and files between phones connected to the mesh network without having to rely on paid services provider. While most phones have it installed more likely that everyone can contact each other without having to rely on a supplier. E.g., two users in Cuba with Wi-Fi phones and the application can communicate with each other through calls or messages indefinitely without connecting to ETECSA walkie talkie while within the range of the Wi-Fi. If the phone number is then increased the operating range of the mesh network also multiplies.

Eventually if use is massive and nodes are distributed throughout the country then no need of any service provider, including the extent of this network would be greater because you can reach remote places where they can not get communication towers.

Questions and answers:

P: Does it work in Cuba?
R: Of course, if. While you have an Android phone and Wi-Fi installed application.

P: How I can install?
R: To use the application to its full potential it is recommended to have the Android phone “rooteado” (con acceso root). If you do not have root access you can install and use it but only if the phones are connected to a Wi-Fi existing, o sea, A router is required. This page explains that it is the root access and the desired. You probably already have it if you use pirated applications. If you can connect your phone to the Internet somewhere installs the application "The Serval Mesh" from Google Play. If you can not connect the phone to the Internet can download the installation (fichero APK) from a PC here and install it using a USB cable. When copying is required for activating the USB USB debugging mode as follows:

Activar USB Debugging mode en Android.

Menu -> Settings ->Applications
Select: “Unknown Sources is selected”
Navigate to : Menu ->Settings -> Applications -> Development
Selcciona: “USB debugging is selected”

When in this mode enabled you can install the APK file without problems.
If a friend from abroad send phone plans ask you to install the application "The Serval Mesh" and send it rootee before.

P: How do you configure?
R: It's simple. You just have to write your phone number when prompted. At any time you can change the phone number on the application options.

P: How do you make calls and send messages and files over the network mesh?
R: When you have activated the application on your phone you should go to the contact list within the application connected to the mesh and select who you want to call or send messages and files.

P: In my neighborhood there are no other nodes (mesh application phones). How I can use it now?
R: Go find a friend who can install the application. As you increase the number of nodes can use between the two like a Walkie Talkie to call each other for free or send messages and files free.

P: Can the totalitarian block mesh network?
R: Yes and no. The mesh network using Wi-Fi. Theoretically, the government could introduce electromagnetic interference bands of Wi-Fi and block but that would also mean that all Wi-Fi networks fall. They also use the Wi-Fi in their offices and homes and depend on these networks in hotels to service the tourism. At this point it may block the Wi-Fi in Cuba as tourists increasingly require these networks as a prerequisite to rent hotels.

P: What use are these mesh networks in free and democratic countries?
R: They are very useful because in times of crisis, wars (national security), Hurricanes, Earthquakes, etc, when cellular towers fall, communication can be maintained at all times. If if use becomes widespread can end the monopoly of telecommunications companies and imposing excessive charges its users for services such as messaging, Internet voice and not be dependent on them.

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5 thoughts on “Actualización de aplicación de red mallada para llamadas gratis y mensajes for Wi-Fi.

  1. Yuri on

    Estupenda idea, esto obligaria a empresas telefonicas sin competencia y precios elevadisiiiimooossss ejemplo ( ETECSA) a disminuir los precios considerablemente o fracasar y mas flujo de informacion libre y sin censura.

  2. Deivys on

    Una Pregunta….

    Tienes que tener Internet en Cuba, o sea el Router tiene que estar configurado a una cuenta de internet activa, o sea que se pueda navegar libremente por internet y todo o basta con conectar el router y crear una red local y de la wifi que proporcione esa red local utilizar esta via (Claro está si no tienes internet no podras transmitir datos para afuera, solo dentro del alcance de la wifi)

    • falcocom on

      No tienes que tener Internet directamente. Solo basta que uno de los nodos tenga para que los demas puedan ver la Internet a traves de ese nodo. Aunque ninguno de los nodos tenga Internet pueden usar la aplicacion para comunicarse con otros nodos gratuitamente mediante voz, mensajes y SMS. De esa forma se saltan ETECSA y sus altos precios.

  3. alr1709 on

    Esto trabaja con el blackberry? y si quisiera mandar la aplicación para que la instalen por cable, es esto posible?


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