Intranet System announced as "Internet" in the homes of Cubans 2014.


As we have been announcing the Cuban regime is preparing for a big advertising show 2014. The big news will be access to "Internet" in the houses of the Cuban. Actually, networks will be isolated (Intranets) under his control and Read more ›

Share Internet over a Wi-Fi using CCProxy software.


As is known the Internet is a topic that has a lot of fabric where to cut in Cuba. We all know about the limited access to the network and the limited possibilities Cubans have access to the Read more ›

The best perfume comes in bottles against plague Android Mini totalitarian.


The Android operating system is becoming preferred for application developers open source (open source) mobile. In the specific case of security applications, privacy and anti-censorship circumvention in Android where you can Read more ›

How to download files for offline installation Android (.APK) from Google Play.


Note: Item is discontinued under. There is a new system easier through this page: You just have to paste the ID of the application (the part that goes after ?id = in the URL of the application Read more ›

The importance of online content (offline)


Fragment on Internet disconnected. Confessions of a former Castro agent. Source: UNPACU. Much has been attempted in the field of technology against Internet censorship in Cuba but so far the results have come to Read more ›

Web special edition package for Venezuela


(Available in English at The Inter American Press (SIP) reports and qualifies as “act of censorship” the difficulties in Venezuela to access the Journal of Cuba developed a digital newspaper from Spain specialized in Cuban today. Read more ›