Happy 2014, year of consolidation of the smart phone in Cuba.


According to figures provided by the American research company Information Technology Gartner, Inc smartphone sales (smartphones) far exceeded the "simple" or low-end phones worldwide in 2013. On Read more ›

Smartphone reign 2013. Announce flooding in Cuba.


The American company research on Gartner Information Technology, Inc. reports that in the last quarter smartphone sales (smartphones) phones overtook "simple” or low-end global. Operating systems Read more ›


The best perfume comes in bottles against plague Android Mini totalitarian.


The Android operating system is becoming preferred for application developers open source (open source) mobile. In the specific case of security applications, privacy and anti-censorship circumvention in Android where you can Read more ›

Does the Internet free for Cuba on the horizon? Satellite phones as super-cheap.


Modern smart phones have reached a level of sophistication, miniaturization, low cost and amazing creativity thanks to the strong competition between the developed capitalist multinationals. In its core carry powerful processors, cameras and sensors in sizes Read more ›