Totalitarianism related Quotations

Totalitarianism related Quotations:

The Duce is always right.
Referido to Benito Mussolini.
Italian Fascist slogan

Ours is a people's democratic dictatorship, led by the working class and based on the alliance of workers and peasants.
Mao Zedong (1893 – 1976)
Chinese head of state.

If you create a new party… to try to deny the communist party leadership, then not be allowed to exist.
Li Peng (1928 -)
Chinese premier.

The dictatorship of the Communist Party remains resorting to all forms of violence.
Leon Trotsky (1879 – 1940)
Russian revolutionary leader.

The party has already come to a correct conclusion is not changed in any way.
Li Peng (1928 -)
Chinese premier.
Reference to the decision to send the troops 3-4 June 1989, to suppress pro-democracy advocates in Tiananmen Square. This action caused the death of hundreds of people and injuring an estimated 10,000.

You won the election, but I won the count.
Anastasio Somoza Debayle (1925 – 1980)
Nicaraguan dictator.

Who organized these cheers?
Joseph Stalin (1879 – 1953)
Soviet dictator.
Said during a poetry reading in Moscow when the entire audience stood to applaud the poet Anna Akhmatova.

He was not of those people who, having won the power, fit to enjoy. He was restless. He loved the riots. Luchasen people loved each. It was like a game.
Jung Chang (1952 -)
British writer and lecturer of Chinese origin referring to Mao Zedong
Straits Times (Singapore), Interview

If I did not act with an iron hand, this soon would be chaos.
Francisco Franco (1892 – 1975)
Spanish general and dictator.
Answering a protest of Vicente, a contemporary of Toledo Military Academy, during the execution of two soldiers who had committed a robbery and had left the service in Morocco.

My moral and spiritual formation does not allow me to be a dictator… If I were a dictator, You can be sure that many things have happened.
Augusto Pinochet (1915 -)
Chilean military dictator.

Stalin was like a spider and all who came to their networks had to die. Some do not even deserve pity, wanted to approach him for caress. Were soiled with the blood of the innocent, I flattered and yet perished.
Dmitry Shostakovich (1906 – 1975)
Russian composer.
Refiriéndose a Joseph Stalin.

We can rise into the sky and dig the earth because our great leader Chairman Mao is our supreme commander.
Slogan of the Red Guard.

Freedom of the press is one of the greatest bulwarks of liberty, despotic governments alone can restrain.
George Mason (1725 – 1792) American Statesman.

It seems that the inevitable fate of man is never attain complete freedom: princes everywhere tend to despotism and the people to servitude.
Jean Paul Marat (1743 – 1793)
French revolutionary politician and journalist.
In "The Chains of Slavery".

Ignorance is a weed that can be grown dictators among its victims, but which no democracy can afford among its citizens have.
William Henry Beveridge (1879 – 1963)
British economist and social reformer.

I was not looking for this job. Fate gave me.
Augusto Pinochet (1915 -)
Chilean military dictator.

I believe in benevolent dictatorship where the dictator I.
Richard Branson (1950 -)
British entrepreneur and publicist.

This universal force-feeding of lies is now the most agonizing aspect of existence in our country, worse even than all our material miseries and our lack of civil liberties.
Alexander Solzhenitsyn (1918 -)
Russian novelist.
Letter to the Soviet leaders

Napoleon was the best method. Dissolved all representative institutions and it decided who should rule the state with him.
Mao Zedong (1893 – 1976)
Chinese head of state. Referring to Napoleon.

Executive power is exercised by the President of the Governing Board who, with the title of President of the Republic of Chile, administers the state and is the Supreme Chief of the Nation.
Augusto Pinochet (1915 -)
Chilean military dictator.
Legal Decree no.1

In our country the lie has become not just a moral category but a pillar of the State.
Alexander Solzhenitsyn (1918 -)
Russian novelist.

A Homeland, A State, A Leader.
Francisco Franco (1892 – 1975)
Spanish dictator General and.

The totalitarian state is not a force unleashed, the truth is in chains.
Bernard Henri Lévy (1949 -)
Algerian-born French philosopher.

Totalitarianism is not very good in industrial innovation and adapting to consumer demand.
William Keegan (1938 -)
British author and journalist .

Whenever men to worship the Caesars and Napoleons, the Caesars and Napoleons will arise to make them miserable.
Aldous Huxley (1894 – 1963)
British novelist and essayist.

Tyranny is always better organized than freedom.
Pierre Charles Peguy (1873 – 1914)
French writer and poet.

Under conditions of tyranny it is easier to act than to think.
Hannah Arendt (1906 – 1975)
American philosopher and historian of German.

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