Thoughts José Martí

José Martí's thoughts on freedom, democracy and socialism.

Jose Marti

– The homeland is that of all, and pain of all, and heaven for everyone, and no one fief or chaplaincy. (Tome 4, Page 239 Works)

– Only oppression should fear the full exercise of freedoms. (Tome 4, Page 236 Works)

– Freedom is the right of every man to be honored, and to think and to speak without hypocrisy. (Tome 18, Page 304 Works)

– I do not believe in that which all interested, and owned by all, should try to prevail, or even private, the opinion of one man. (Tome 1, Page 208 Works)

– Man loves liberty, though he knows that he loves her, and walk pushed her and flee where none is. (Tome 9, Page 224 Works)

– As the human body bone, and the axle to the wheel, and a bird wing, and air wing, and freedom is the essence of life. The without it is imperfect. (Tome 9, Page 451 Works)

– Two dangers have the socialist, like so many: the readings extranjerizas, confused and incomplete, and the arrogance and hidden rage of the ambitious, getting up to go to the world starting with faked, to have shoulders that rise, frantic defenders of the helpless. (Tome 3, Page 168 Works)

– Men who give are not what make people, but those who rebel. The yields despot who is facing, your only way of giving, that is disappearing: not yield to whom ever humbles. To those who defy, respects: never his accomplices. (Tome 4, Page 324 Works)

– Treacherous murderer, ungrateful enemy of God and men, is the, pretext to lead the new generations, taught a cluster of doctrines isolated and absolute, and preaches the ear, before the sweet talk of love, Barbarian gospel of hate. (Tome 7, Page 230 Works)

– They are terrible in the hands of professional politicians ignorant masses; that can not see behind the mask of justice of exploiting their resentments and passions. (Tome 10, Page 314 Works)

– No masks in countries worth of free press, leaving every morning, Wind as an elf, lifting masks. (Tome 12, Page 257 Works)

– Each village is cured according to their nature, requesting varying degrees of medicine, as missing factor in this or any other evil, or medicine diferente. We Saint-Simon, by Karl Marx, ni Marlo, Bakunin's. The reforms that we come to the body. Assimilation is as useful as judicious, como foolish to imitate ciegas. (Tome 12, Page 378 Works)

– I think I killed a child whenever deprive a man of the right mindset. (Tome 22, Page 114 Works)

– Political systems dominating force in rights which are totally devoid of justice, and human living being fatal and constantly tending to independence and the concept of right, how their evolution toward freedom oppressed rebels and essential, a set of rights of recapture.

– A nation is made of men who resist, and men pushing: of accommodation, which accounts, and justice, who rebels: of pride, holding and depresses, and decorum, it does not deprive the proud of his post, nor unto his: of the rights and opinions of all children are made a people, and not of the rights and opinions of a single class of their children.

– All the power that would acquire the caste of officials, bound by the need to stay in a privileged occupation and fat, I would lose the people that do not have the same reasons for hope and complicity in profits, to address officials linked by common interests. Like all public needs would come to be satisfied by the state, Then officials would acquire enormous influence that naturally comes to distributing any right or benefit. The man who now wants the state to take care of him he did not have to take care of themselves, would then work in the measurement, by time and the work that would assign the this-do, since the latter, over who would fall all duties, they would naturally all necessary facilities to obtain the means to meet those.

If servant of himself, man would become a servant of the state. If capitalists slave, as it is now called, was going to be a slave of officials. Slave is anyone who works for another who has dominion over him, and socialist system that dominated the community of man would, community to deliver all your work. And how officials are human and therefore abusers, proud, ambitious and that organization would have great power, supported by all those who use or take advantage of the abuses waited and those nefarious forces that always buys the oppressed, terror, reputation or skill of those in command, This distribution system common labor official would soon suffer the losses, violence shoplifting and misrepresentations that the spirit of individuality, authority and boldness of genius and the wiles of vice prompt and fatally originate in any human organization…He autocratic, abuse the populace, tired and working. Unfortunately will generate and servitude.

“The Futura Slavery”, “The American” New York, April 1984, page 954 Complete Works of José Martí. Fiftieth Anniversary Commemorative Edition of his death, Volume 1, Editorial Lex, Havana, Cuba.

– “The right of workers can never be hatred capital: is harmony, reconciliation, one common approach and other” (Mexican Scenes, 1875)

– “The economy lost in slavish imitation as in literature and politics… In each country have special history and working capital: are peculiar to each country certain disturbances including, with exclusive and proprietary nature, different from that in a strange land for various reasons have. to own history, own solutions. A life our, our laws. No Mexican economist slavishly tie to the rule, questionable even in the same country that inspired” (Mexican Scenes, 1875)

– “It is always unfortunate for freedom that freedom is a party” (Mexican Scenes,

– “A nation that is rich with many smallholders” (Our America,

– “A Constitution is a living law and practice that can not be built with elements
ideological” (North American Scenes, 1882)

– “Karl Marx is dead. As he took the side of the weak, deserves honor. But that does not get the damage states, and burns with desire generous remedy, but he who teaches soft remedy damage” (New York, 1883)

– “The property retains States” (Our America, 1886)

– “The conquest of the future must be made with white hands. More cautious worker outside the United States if not discharged into the ear their feces hate the most distressed and angry in Europe. German, French and Russian guide these days. The U.S. tends to resolve on its meetings the case: and pulled him from beyond abstract. In those here, sense and being born free of charge, difficult way to anger. In the past, excites and moves to burst, because the stifles and prolonged slavery concentrated” (New York, 1883)

– It is the duty of man to man lift: is guilty of all abjection that no remedy helps: unworthy of pity only those who sow treason, death by fire and hatred of others prosperity.

– “One revolution is still necessary: the president not to do their leader, revolution against revolutions. ..!”

– “Tyranny is the same in its various forms, even when you view some beautiful names and big events”

– "Murderers treacherous, ungrateful to God and enemies of men, are those who on the pretext of teaching modern doctrines, dropped into the ears of the youth a wealth of ideas, Barbarian infiltrándoles the gospel of hate, rather than sublime doctrine of love. "

– “Socialist associations send their azuzadores PROFESSIONALS. ”

– "The autocratic bureaucratism abuse the populace tired and working. Lamentable will and general, servitude. "

– "The socialist solutions, evils born of European, have nothing to cure in the Amazon. "

– “A socialist state, it would be a bit of a corrupted state, and then a tyrannical state”.

– “A people is not based, General, as a camp boss”.

– “It is always unfortunate for freedom that freedom is a single party”.

– “The peacefully expressed will of all: I have here the germ generator republic”.

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