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The concept of Technological Singularity refers to the prediction that technological progress and social change will accelerate both (exponentially) that humans lose control of their own destiny in a future controlled by powerful computers with artificial intelligence. The failure to reach this point in the history of mankind, and if we will it or not, is a hot topic of debate among the great thinkers who have studied what the future holds.

However, we are looking at another much closer technological singularity: The Singularity (or tipping point) which are close to the totalitarian regimes dependent total control of information through censorship, terror and mass propaganda. At this early stage of the singularity, are totalitarian and repressive regimes who are losing control media content consumed their towns. New technologies are changing the balance of power and are giving the individual the tools to govern their own destiny.

In the modern world the flow of information is doubling every two years. In the anus 2010, e.g., broke for the first time in the history of mankind zettabyte barrier (a trillion gigabytes) and in 2011 were transmitted in total 1.8 trillion gigabytes. To get an idea of ​​the magnitude of the transmitted data, a trillion is a one followed by 12 zeros (1000,000,000,000) and a gigabyte can hold approximately 5000 books.


According to the Moore's Law, computer processors and digital memory devices also multiply their power and reduce their size exponentially. E.g., any cheap mobile phone available in the market today has thousands of times the speed and capacity of computer memory that took humans to the moon makes 4 decades.

Consider that what we are seeing today is just the beginning. Computers and Internet, from a historical perspective, are still in their earliest childhood. Still, in the few decades that have been in the world have changed more than. As evolution is exponential, these changes will be increasingly deep and fast. E.g., in the not too distant (of 3 a 5 years old) los iPhones 5 today will be completely obsolete.

Although the exponential growth predicted by Moore's Law will eventually reach a physical limit, beyond which will be difficult to continue increasing processing power, future engineers resort to parallelism techniques to further increase the benefits. The multi-core processors (dual core, quad core etc.) are current examples of this trend.

What does this mean for totalitarian regimes?

Singularity diagram

Diagram of the Singularity (Singularity Diagram)

Control of information that these regimes depend subjugated to keep its citizens is becoming impracticable. The flow of uncensored information shatters the ideological foundations on which their power is based. No one stops believing in them the people they subjugate their own officials but also realize that there is no future in an ideology incompatible with the future and they can only maintain their living standards if they conform to the rules of the democratic game. Dictators, as ancient Samurai warriors or feudal knights facing bullets, they may try to delay the progress and slow the process of decay, but they can not help.

We see some of the signs of the coming of the Singularity of Totalitarianism:

  • Top frantic race (from 2013) between large information companies like Google and Facebook to reach the billions of people even without internet access (read related articles below). They have realized that their next area of ​​monetary expansion and power lies in the majority segment of the world population. Its objectives are in direct conflict with those of totalitarian dictatorships.
  • Explosion of social networks
    • Phenomena Facebook, Twitter, blogs etc. have changed the global picture. The speed with which news is transmitted and its contents are no longer in the hands of large corporations or governments. Today every user is a potential reporter with instant access to the latest news wherever this occurs. Not long ago repressors could act with impunity and commit their crimes without fear of being exposed. Nowadays, even in the most remote, not escape the possibility that their actions remain recorded on mobile phones and their faces and infamies exposed forever in the Net.
  • Explosion of mobile devices.
    • Modern mobile devices have become the swords and shields of democracy. Made accessible to each user powerful cameras, powerful processors, memories and the ability to access information freely censored (see Web Packages to Cuba). Even in closed regimes such as North Korea are penetrating these devices from its borders with China and South Korea.
  • Explosion of digital memory devices
    • The memory capacity of USB Flash, SD and MicroSD has soared and prices continue to drop making them affordable to citizens of poor countries. In a USB Flash memory or MicroSD cheap modern can save data that belie decades of lies and propaganda that cost totalitarian regime billion in media spending to keep. This makes them asymmetrical weapons for democracy.
  • Arab Spring.
    • Dictators have been removed from power in Middle Eastern countries such as Tunisia, Egypt, Libya and Yemen. Others, Despite maintain power even, are far from complete control of its citizens.
  • Massive data leak.
    • Examples: Wikileaks, Sony, CitiGroup, in the specific case of Cuba, lists of names and addresses of military, leaders and informers have been leaked to Internet. These leaks are facilitated by high capacity and small size of modern digital memories.

The Uniqueness of Castro.

As we see more and have less space for these repressive systems relic of the last century. In the specific case of Cuba, Symptoms are accelerated by factors including:

  1. Geopolitical proximity to the United States, country at the forefront of new technologies and the birthplace of the Internet revolution.
  2. Top frantic race (2013) between large information companies like Google and Facebook to reach the billions of people even without internet access (read related articles below). They have realized that their next area of ​​monetary expansion and power lies in the majority segment of the world population. Its objectives are in direct conflict with those of totalitarian dictatorships.
  3. Active exile community with economic and political power in the United States, Europe and the world.
  4. Enables generation of Cubans on the island, that openly or surreptitiously, embrace new technologies and seek freedom.
  5. Proliferation of Wi-Fi networks of neighborhood and distribution networks "walk" of information through portable memory devices and mobile phones. These networks allow uncensored distribution of multimedia packages and web, games and software of all kinds.
  6. Proliferation of cheap electronic means capable of presenting and creating multimedia content. Examples: Mobile Phones, media players, music players, tablets, laptops y PCs.
  7. Fatal error calculation of the dictatorship that has opened the doors to hosts of "bloggers official" and trained young computer as the UCI to fight a "battle of ideas" hopeless. They have calculated that each person is a thinking individual being with aspirations and ideas beyond their control.
  8. Economic crisis and inefficiency inherent in the system has forced the government to open the doors to tourism, family visits and foreign aid.
  9. Biological factor. The power generation is dying due to natural aging and not seriously interested in preparing their successors. Under the slogan of the French king Louis XV, "After my, the flood "expected his last days.
  10. The new leaders are fond of luxuries, Western culture and new technologies. Their families, generally, have emigrated abroad or are preparing their withdrawals.

The war between the forces of democracy and dictatorship is passed through a stage where the first seeking to accelerate the process and slow it down last searches as possible. The delay of the arrival of the famous fiber optic cable from Venezuela is well explained by this way.

How long?

It is difficult to predict because, actually, depends on ourselves. The do or fail to do to accelerate the process will greatly influence the speed of the fall of the regime. Nor can we expect from totalitarianism to democracy will automatically. If we remain passive in the process is much more likely that the power pass into the hands of small groups of power in the early stages of the complicated process of achieving a true democracy.

Based on the rapid and exponential growth of information technology and the rapid penetration of the same in Cuba from outside the present author has calculated the date approximate the end of the totalitarian regime in Cuba as the 31 December 2020. We'll see if the prediction is fulfilled before or after this date.

One thing is sure, we are witnessing the death throes of the totalitarian regime of the Castros and they know.

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Notes courtesy of BloggerCubano:

1. In April 2011 the multinational Sony announced a data breach in its PlayStation Network systems that orbited information 77 million customers. In November of the same year, he bank Citigroup suffered major leaks of information that involved the 200 thousand customers in the U.S. and then to 92 thousand Japanese. Wikileaks, the website founded by Julian Assange computer 2006, is famous for making public hundreds of thousands of diplomatic cables and classified documents. In Cuba, site http://cubaaldescubierto.com/ public long elite personal information about Castro and his agents, as a way to contribute to sus moderate repressive activities.

Countdown to the end of the totalitarian regime in Cuba:
in 11 months, 4 days, 8 hours, 4 minutes, 14 seconds

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Mario Vargas Llosa makes statements very “Singular” 🙂

"Although regimes want to control and manipulate information today have an opponent who is nearly invincible"

(Panama, 23 October 2013 AFP) - The Nobel Prize in Literature Mario Vargas Llosa on Tuesday stressed the importance of the Internet revolution to overcome censorship regimes like those in China and Cuba, they have on bloggers and Internet users "invisible enemies".

"Digital communication systems drilled all systems of censorship and that is something quite extraordinary. One of its major benefits is that it has become almost impossible today "information control", said Mario Vargas Llosa, at a press conference at the Sixth International Congress of Language.

Vargas Llosa said he recently read a manuscript from an author with experience in "Cuba, China and Russia "and knew how bloggers and internet users are able to circumvent the information blackout.

"Although they make enormous efforts to control regimes and manipulate information today have an opponent who is almost invincible thanks to the audiovisual revolution", Vargas Llosa said.

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Tremble dictatorships. Google if each USAID, Facebook, Microsoft and Yahoo to bring the Internet to all.

Google is partnering with the U.S. Agency. International Development (USAID) and the Department for International Development, United Kingdom (DFID) to create a new coalition called Alliance for affordable Internet. The group, which was officially launched on Monday, includes more than 30 Member, between ellos Facebook, Microsoft y Yahoo y Tim Berners-Lee, el inventor de la World Wide Web.

Facebook announced a project to provide Internet access to the developing world.

It warms the battle of the giants to bring the Internet to all. Google was the first to announce it but already in discussion rooms of all major information companies have realized that the next economic expansion area are the 4.000 million people still lack access to Internet. In addition to his philanthropic profile, much money and power at stake in this upcoming battle of giants. Do not try too hard to understand that whoever dominates the small screens of the pockets of third world control the market expansion and market penetration of the future. Tools to accomplish this will be increasingly powerful and unstoppable with the combined forces of Moore's Law and now with the economic power of these giants.

On the other side of the ring, completely opposite purposes, are the obsolete totalitarian dictatorships. From his position of losers announced contemplate as they sharpen saws cercenaran its political and ideological. The smart, will be adjusted to be well positioned in this new world of information that is coming. Those who still cling to the past will share the fate of the dinosaurs…


Wall Street Journal 8-21-2013

The chief executive of Facebook, Mark Zuckerberg, said the company will meet with six other companies to help bring Internet access to more than 4.000 million people still do not have. The group, called Internet.org, try to help emerging economies to make more accessible the web access.

“There are huge barriers in developing countries to connect and join the knowledge economy”, Zuckerberg said. “Internet.org brings together a global partnership that will work to overcome these challenges, including internet accessible to those who can not currently afford it”.

Facebook said it already has spent about U.S. $ 1,000 million in infrastructure for the purpose of wider access to the Internet in the developing world. Other founding members are important players in the mobile market and other technology sectors: Samsung Electronics, Qualcomm, Ericsson, Nokia, MediaTek 2454.TW -1.33% y Opera Software.

Zuckerberg estimó que sólo 2.700 millones de personas -poco más de un tercio de la población mundial- cuenta actualmente con acceso a Internet, y que la adopción crece en menos de 9% cada año. El grupo planea abordar la situación de diversas maneras e incorporar a nuevos socios como parte de la iniciativa, dijo. Zuckerberg señaló que el consorcio trabajará en conjunto en proyectos para expandir la conectividad, apoyándose en sus relaciones con operadores móviles, gobiernos, académicos y otras organizaciones no gubernamentales.

Google CEO announces The Uniqueness of Totalitarianism the, in their words, “Mobile Revolution” in 5 a 10 years old. End of dictatorships would be just around the corner.


“It will be the defining story for most people in authoritarian systems in the next 5 a 10 years old”, CEO says Google.

4 April 2013

Google Executive Chairman, Eric Schmidt, said last night at a conference on freedom of expression and internet “the mobile revolution is going to become the defining force” in countries with authoritarian regimes. Según Schmidt, “suddenly autocracies are viewing this amazing change that empowers people” and said that despite these governments try to do everything possible to stop this “revolution” this will become increasingly difficult thanks to mobile technology and internet.

“The mobile revolution, of which all are a part, will be the defining story for most people in authoritarian systems in the next 5 a 10 years old”, Schmidt said in a series of conferences organized today by Google and Bloomberg in Washington.

Google Chairman said that these dictatorships “you will realize that it is impossible to stop” that technological revolution, for sharing opinions and gain access to information at all times, something that poco a poco is changing countries like Somalia, North Korea or Burma.

Schmidt, who recently visited North Korea, said the Internet and companies like yours are forced to fight against this censorship and “temptation (government) the poner Filtros a Internet”. Google services like Youtube video site is blocked in countries like Pakistan, Bangladesh, China or Iran and others as Morocco do not allow access to the map service Google Earth, something that Schmidt was surprised.

The internet giant's president also recalled growing power struggle in the virtual world of internet. “In the real world the United States and China get along quite well, but in cyberspace it is not so”, indicated. “Countries are willing to do things in cyberspace that would never do in the physical world”, said the executive and recalled that this boldness may have important consequences in the real world.

Schmidt found that China remains “the usual suspect” in this cyber war, and gave as an example that “the day in which is recorded the lowest level of hacking is the beginning of the year Chinese New Year”. However, recalled the dangers of directly accusing China of attacks, as “in the online world the notion of attribution is much more complicated” and a third party may be responsible.

June 15, 2013: It comes out another reason why the CEO of Google announces The Uniqueness of Totalitarianism so confidently:

From BBC Mundo – Internet giant Google is launching balloons 20 kilometers above the Earth, with the idea of ​​bringing Internet access to everyone.

The Chimera of Diaz-CanelHueco Negro Digital

Some call it “Chimera”, others as the Managing Director of Google, “Mobile Revolution” and we Singularity of Totalitarianism. The reality is that is that control of the information is impossible in the modern world and they recognize. The ideological foundations of the totalitarian systems that are still standing have their days numbered.

Havana, 6 may (EFE).- The vice president of Cuba, Miguel Diaz-Canel, considered a “impossible chimera” trying to silence the wealth of information that is generated with new technologies, and encouraged to dialogue and discussion, Local television reported.

“Today, news from all sides, good or bad, manipulated and those that are true circulating on the networks, reach people, people are known. And the worst then what is? Silence”, Cuban said number two in the closure of a national seminar education professionals.

With the development of information technology, social networks, of computer or Internet “banning something is almost an impossible chimera. It makes no sense”, said Diaz-Canel.

Full article.

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  1. Juan García on

    El mejor y más interesante artículo que haya podido leer sobre algo tan importante como es la tecnología futura.
    Claramente se observa que el escritor aprecia la prosperidad y el desarrollo que brinda el capitalismo, de las cuales los cubanos no pueden disfrutar debido a la opresión de la dictadura castrista. A pesar de su cercanía con los EE.UU, la cuna de las nuevas tecnologías y el país mas desarrollado y poderoso del mundo, a los cubanos apenas les alcanza el salario para comer hasta la mitad del mes. Lamentablemente, las medidas del presidente Obama en 2009 de permitir la exportación hacia Cuba de equipos de comunicaciones ha sido rechazada por la tiranía castrista que no permite la entrada de los mismos mediante medidas aduanales draconianas. La tecnología ciertamente está avanzando, para beneficio de los amantes de la libertad y el desarrollo, esperemos que pronto llegue a todos los cubanos y desaparezca la anacrónica dictadura de los hermanos castro.

  2. tony on

    Un excelente articulo informativo sobre la importancia y repercusion de las computadoras y la informatica en el mundo y en Cuba. No conocia este sitio de Internet. Me parece my educativo. Los leere de ahora en adelante.

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