The internet in Cuba and its "peak schedule",es


HAVANA, Cuba.- "The price of the internet is abusive,,es,whoever does not receive remittances or recharges from the outside is almost impossible to connect,,es,at certain times the entire network,,es,both wifi and 3G,,es,collapses and becomes slow and unstable,,es,Sometimes we waste an hour or two trying to access any page,,es,or downloading some file without getting it ",,es,commented to CubaNet Rubén González,,es,a young computer scientist who said he works "for a salary of,,es,GB per month ",,es,according to the new 3G connection rates,,es,imposed by the monopoly of communications,,es,As it happens with electricity in Cuba,,es,the internet also has its "peak schedule",,es,and suffers from "blackouts",,es,or "peaks of low data transfers",,es,from the,,es, al que no reciba remesas o recargas desde el exterior le es casi imposible conectarse, also, en determinados horarios toda la red, tanto wifi como 3G, colapsa y se vuelve lenta Read more ›